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Teenagers have discovered a new way to inhale marijuana — e-cigarette vaporizers, according to...
Four Loko
The introduction of alcopops (flavored malt beverages) to the U.S. market in the late...
driving stoned
WASHINGTON — A new report out from the Governors Highway Safety Association finds that...

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Come Tonight for Family University at NRHS -Monday, March 13

Family University – March 13 at NRHS 5:30 to 9:00 pm Ask anyone’s who has attended in the past – Family University is an amazing evening – and a bargain too! What is it? An evening of workshops and keynote presentation …


Marijuana Has Proven to Be a Gateway Drug

From the April 26, 2016 NY Times: Opinion. Robert L. DuPont is the president of the Institute for Behavior and Health and the first director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse. It should come as no surprise that the …


Why Is It So Hard To Test Whether Drivers Are Stoned?

The following article will help you understand the science behind the challenges involved in establishing drugged driving laws. Law enforcement officials would love to have a clear way to tell when a driver is too drugged to drive. But the decades …

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HBO “Heroin Cape Cod”

This is a powerful documentary that is eye opening to watch, especially with your teenage children.

Take Back Your Throwbacks #TBT

Watch this PSA on the detrimental consequences of drinking and drug use made by members of the New Rochelle...

drinking & smart decisions: #SomeThingsDon’tMix

Watch this PSA by NRHS SADD club showing how drugs and alcohol might effect smart decision making.
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