June 18th, 2012

We are constantly looking for ways to weave our initiatives into the fabric of New Rochelle. Whether it is through using established people and programs or creating new outlets that resonate, we strive to put interactive solutions into place that enable healthy community relationships.

Below are a few of our major ongoing efforts; look for new ones here or highlighted on the homepage…see how you can get involved!


Prom Safety

Created and distributed alcohol poisoning information cards entitled “Get Dressed Up, Not Messed Up” each year to all students attending the New Rochelle High School (NRHS) prom.


Social Marketing Campaigns

Focused on underage drinking “Getting Trashed #thxbutnothx”, parental attitudes “Be a Parent Not  a Friend”, marijuana prevention “Top 5 Reasons to be Marijuana Free” and “Weed Brain” and parent/teen communication “There’s No Better Present Than the Time”.  Campaigns were showcased throughout the city using outdoor media (billboards, bus shelters, train kiosks and the New Roc Parking Garage) and informational palm cards were distributed by the schools, local pediatricians, the Boys and Girls Club and local businesses.


2nd ID Campaign

Created in response to merchants’ complaints of a huge influx of out-of-state drivers licenses, police and coalition members visited all alcohol retailers in the city and asked them to post this placard (see link below) to help prevent underage youth from purchasing alcohol with fake out-of-state licenses. They were also given an informational sheet on how to properly check IDs. As many merchants are unaware of what a valid out-of-state license looks like, the requirement of a second ID will in most cases insure the validity of the tendered license. Cosponsored by the Business Improvement District and the New Rochelle Police Department.

Download and distribute a copy of the 2nd ID to a merchant near you: 2nd ID


Media Campaigns

With the help of our Media Director and a professional video crew, three Public Service Announcements (PSA’s) dealing with the issues of underage drinking, house parties and peer acceptance were shot and aired in New Rochelle, using real New Rochelle youth and community. We are currently working on two new youth driven PSA’s dealing with the subject of the unintended negative consequences of choosing to drink and use drugs.


Family University

Held our 6th annual Family U on April 20th, popularly known as National Marajuana Day. Over 450 parents, high school and middle school students attended. The keynote, given by leading national substance abuse expert, Michael Nerney, focused on the risks of marajuana to the development of the adolescent brain. Sponsored by NewYork-Presbyterian Hospial.


Youth Leadership Committee

Students from New Rochelle High School, Iona Prep and Ursuline will hold events over the course of the year where students from these schools can get together, socialize and work on drug& alcohol free events for teens.

Event Calendar

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