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Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Dy from New Rochelle FOCUS!  Enjoy your day with family.

SADD week @ Iona Prep

Click on the following link to see what students at Iona Prep are doing for SADD week –

Quarterly Coalition Meeting Tomorrow

Come join us for our quarterly coalition meeting tomorrow morning March 8th at 11:30 in Rm 222 of New Rochelle HS. We will be discusses our accomplishments since Sept ’11 and our new projects and events for the Spring. Be …

In this High Tech world, a few apps to help students

    In a world where our teens cannot go for long without checking their texts, facebook, Twitter accounts or playing Angry Birds or Tiny Wings, here are a few apps they can download which can help them with school.  Show your child …

“Like” us? Please do!

Help us become an even MORE popular community member…online! Please ‘like’ us and make us cool

New Energy Malt Liquor Drinks Are A Recipe For Disaster

                              The market for energy malt liquors (like Four Loko shown here) is teens. Why? because its 3 times stronger than beer (beer is 4% alcohol by volume whereas these drinks are 12% alcohol by volume), it comes in a …

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