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June 18th, 2012

There are fundamental reasons that getting involved can be for YOU: Drug and alcohol abuse affects everyone in a community in some way. Through collaborations, NR FOCUS is able to address this problem through a multifaceted approach. A community problem needs the whole community to solve it, and  NR FOCUS collaboratively partnered with over 1,000 individuals, agencies and institutions!

Here is a list of benefits (by sector) that may spark your interest into action.


  1. Community involvement looks great on future college and job applications
  2. Learn what resources are available for someone who you are concerned about
  3. Gain knowledge, vocational experience, and apprenticeship opportunities
  4. Empower yourself – voice your thoughts on issues that concern you
  5. Develop leadership skills
  6. Build positive peer relationships
  7. Improve your neighborhood


  1. Network with other parents and learn what young people are really up to
  2. Learn what is being done in your community to make it better for young people
  3. Understand which drugs teens are using and what you as a parent can do
  4. Learn the factors in the community that place young people at risk for substance abuse and other problem behaviors
  5. Participate in a planning process that will help influence your community’s prevention strategy
  6. Help ensure that prevention programs being used in your community are effective
  7. Refer your adolescent to the coalition for a rewarding experience with community leaders that will look great on college and job applications

Faith Based Organizations

  1. The faith community has a unique spiritual perspective that should be brought to the community prevention planning table
  2. Research says that participation in faith is a strong protective factor providing an opportunity for spiritual strength, and spiritual and social growth
  3. Spiritual counseling, youth ministries, groups, activities and programs can be made available to help to connect youth to community
  4. Most families have or want a spiritual connection where they feel they belong. Faith involvement on a coalition can foster this
  5. Provide opportunities for mentoring, leadership opportunities and inspiration

Schools Education Community

  1. FOCUS helps schools and communities work together
  2. The community mobilization process builds an infrastructure for a coalition to develop its members, building a long-term commitment to prevention efforts
  3. School leaders will learn ways to increase student/school bonding. Students that are bonded to their school are more protected from drug use
  4. Schools interact with youth daily and have important information for the community and vice versa
  5. School staff have unique perspectives on the issues and needs of young people
  6. Schools have an opportunity to share the responsibility for change with other community leaders, which helps provide seamless services to families

Civic Groups

  1. Help identify gaps in services and develop programs to eliminate gaps
  2. Set a positive example for youth
  3. Become a mentor to our youth helping young people to develop character and marketable skills
  4. Improve community safety
  5. Promote leadership/partnership
  6. Publish progress, accomplishments and rewards
  7. Help improve available services for youth
  8. Be an advocate for youth services
  9. Create a safer, more desirable community


  1. Position yourself as a business that cares about local youth and families
  2. Discuss how local teen alcohol and drug use impact your business and profit and
  3. Strategize to create positive change
  4. Contribute to a planning process that will help influence the community’s prevention strategy
  5. Learn what is being done in your community to prevent and reduce teen alcohol and drug use
  6. Hear how businesses have improved productivity and decreased costs by using low-cost strategies addressing employee alcohol consumption and drug use
  7. Alcohol servers and sellers: learn how to safeguard yourself from lawsuits
  8. Improve the quality of the city’s future workforce and leaders
  9. Identify meaningful ways to sponsor and support local programs for families
  10. Benefit from positive media promotion

Law Enforcement

  1. Reduction in violent and drug related crime with better community collaboration
  2. Improved community relations resulting in better police image
  3. Decrease corrections spending
  4. Reduction in gang activity and judicial caseloads as a result of better prevention


  1. Gain visibility and input from important leaders in your community
  2. Hear community issues directly from community members themselves
  3. Be a proactive channel in communication with your community
  4. Affect policy and legislation directly associated with your community’s youth
  5. Create better funding for programs and opportunities that have been shown to work
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