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Being Emotionally Unprepared for College Linked to Increased Risk of Substance Use

Read this article on how to better prepare your kids for college by Celia Vimont of the Partnership for Drug Free Kids.  Students who are emotionally unprepared for college have lower grades, are more likely to use drugs and alcohol …


What are the Dangerous Effects of Alcohol use for Teens?

Parents – read the article below to learn the real dangers of teen alcohol use and what you can do to help. Be sure to also watch the latest PSA on this topic made by New Rochelle High School students …


Sex, Alcohol, and Drugs

Teens and young adults, read the following answers from Planned Parenthood on why combining drugs and/or alcohol with sex is a bad idea. Then watch a PSA made by New Rochelle High School students on this topic: drinking & smart …


E-Cigarettes Being Used to Vaporize Marijuana

  Another danger in the growing popularity of e-cigarettes. E-cigarettes are being used by more people to smoke marijuana or synthetic drugs, CNN reports. People use the devices to get high without police, parents or teachers knowing. E-cigarette devices, …


Have the ‘Booze Talk’ By Age 9, Pediatricians’ Group Advises

You may have heard that parents are the biggest influence on their children’s decision to drink – but when is the right time to start that conversation? A recent report by the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends a much earlier …


How to Cut Student Drinking – Text messages and personalized feedback online can help

Can a few minutes on a website or mobile phone encourage college students to drink less? A growing body of research suggests it can. Multiple studies have found that giving students personalized feedback about their drinking habits via the Web …


Bud Light Finds Another Way to Target Youth

In January, Anheuser-Busch, makers of the popular beer Bud Light, debuted an app for mobile devices called Bud Light Button, which promises delivery of Bud Light to your home in under an hour if you live in Washington D.C. The …


New Rochelle Accepts MBK Challenge

 I attended the My Brother’s Keeper Local Action Summit Thursday evening, June 11. It was well attended and inspiring to see our city come together to address the president’s call, which is designed to increase and improve opportunities for youth, …


Prom Night and Alcohol: How to Protect Your Teen

It’s prom season: Great advice for an important conversation.  With prom night in your teen’s future, as caring parents you worry about all the things that could go wrong – especially if alcohol is involved. And, you’re right to be …

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Teens Who Misuse ADHD Drugs Most Likely to Start Between Ages of 16 and 19

The peak ages for starting to misuse prescription stimulants, such as drugs for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), are between 16 and 19, a new study finds. The researchers say education programs should start in middle school to keep more …

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