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Be a Parent, Not a Friend

Have you seen our latest campaign? Be a Parent, Not a Friend Read coverage from or 6/3/10 press conference HERE!

TOPIC OF THE MONTH: Marijuana – A Growing Concern

Marijuana is widely thought to be less harmful than other drugs, mostly because people incorrectly believe that it is not addictive. But guess what – more than 100,000 Americans a year seek out drug treatment specifically because of their dependence …


DID YOU KNOW? Scientists are beginning to learn that it takes a brain about 25 years to fully develop, and that a huge burst of development happens during adolescence. That burst can explain a lot of unpredictable-and sometimes risky- teen …

TOPIC OF THE MONTH-Prescription Drug Abuse

Prescription Drug Abuse   Links to Learn Drug Dealer Testimontial All My Pills DID YOU KNOW? Prescription Drugs are the most commonly used drugs among 12 – 13 yr olds (NSUDH, 2006 One third of all new abusers of prescription …

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