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HBO “Heroin Cape Cod”

This is a powerful documentary that is eye opening to watch, especially with your teenage children.


Take Back Your Throwbacks #TBT

Watch this PSA on the detrimental consequences of drinking and drug use made by members of the New Rochelle High School SADD club.


drinking & smart decisions: #SomeThingsDon’tMix

Watch this PSA by NRHS SADD club showing how drugs and alcohol might effect smart decision making.

i believe

I Believe

This is a great video to watch with your teen. Check it out!


PSA: Marijuana Impaired Driving/BBQ

Check out the psa from Colorado which deals with driving while under the influence of marijuana


NIDA – Teen Drug Use—2014 Statistics Animated

Check out this animated infographic from NIDA that sets out the 2014 Monitoring the Future results


Ignore No More: Mom Creates App To Make Kids Call Her Back

Trying to get ahold of your teen on their cell phone can be frustrating. But one high-tech mom found a way to have her child ignore her no more. CBS 2’s Alice Gainer reports.


Dr. Nora Volkow Discuss MTF 2014 Results

Tune in to hear Dr. Nora Volkow, head of the NIDA, discuss the most recent survey results from Monitoring the Future


PSA: Marijuana Impaired Driving/TV

In March 2014, Colorado DOT (Department of Transportation) launched a series of three PSAs to educate the public on marijuana impaired driving. The main message of these PSAs is that eventhough it is legal to get high in Colorado,if you …


Weed = Lower IQ

If you’re smart, you won’t smoke weed. See why!

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