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Do we over medicate?

This video spoofs everything that is currently wrong with our society when it comes to medication. It seems that there is a pill for everything.

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Think Time: Teens & Social Media

This video looks at how social media can negatively impact your teen.


All Your Questions About Heroin And Fentanyl Answered

While up to fifty bags of heroin were found in the recently deceased actor’s apartment, police are speculating that a deadly strain of the drug may have been involved. Deaths in New York and Pennsylvania are linked to heroin containing …

go away monster

Go Away Monster – a gambling prevention video for children

It’s not to early to speak to your elementary school child about gambling. Education is the key to preventing your child from becoming involved with gambling. Like alcohol and drugs, gambling is addictive. Although it may not reach as many …

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NIDA’s Dr. Nora Volkow Discusses Marijuana’s Effects on the Brain, Body & Behavior

The following video examines the science behind marijuana.


NEKNOMINATION- A Deadly Drinking Game

The following video discusses the new social media drinking game – Neknomination – which has claimed the lives of several young adults in Britain. Will it come to the US?


Why Heroin is making a comeback

The following video looks at the growing use of heroin by today’s youth.


How Marijuana Effects The Adolescent Brain

A recent study at the University of Marylans School of Medicine revealed some interesting facts surrounding marijuana’s effect on teens.

better grades keri glassman

The Importance of Family Meals

This short video sets out those reasons why families should make a point to share a family meal at least 5 times a week. Watch it to see why!

TAC video

Drinking, Drugging and Driving During the Holidays

This video is GRAPHIC in depicting the realities of Impaired Driving. Created by TAC (Transport Accident Commission), an Australian based company that is responsible for the majority of road safety advertising in Victoria, Australia. In 1989 the TAC became involved …

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