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I learned from you

Some things don’t change!

This public service announcement appeared in 1987 and its message still holds true today!

teen gambling

Teen Gambling

Most parents worry about drugs and alcohol but gambling is not on their radar. It should be.

my instead movie

The Dangers of Underage Drinking – My Instead Movie

The My Instead film warns about the dangers that alcohol poses for kids. In the film, a group of kids steal alcohol from their parents’ house party. You decide what happens next. Watch this interactive video and choose your ending. …

talk they hear you

Talk,They Hear You

Check out this new public service announcement from SAMHSA on underage drinking which focuses on younger children and parents.

mayo clinic

Marijuana and Chronic Nonmalignant Pain in Adolescents

This video accompanies the post above from the Mayo Clinic discussing medical marijuana & its use for chronic pain in adolescents.

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