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What Impact Could A Drink Have On Your Night Out?

A shocking way to get the point across – You have to watch it!

distrcted driving

Distracted Driving – a deadly problem

A father’s crusade against texting while driving: After the death of his son, Evan, in a car crash, Ben Lieberman of Chappaqua is starting a campaign against texting while driving. A judge ruled the accident was caused, in part, when …

BAC .05

Feds recommend 0.05 percent blood alcohol limit to stem drunken driving deaths

WASHINGTON — Federal accident investigators recommended Tuesday that states cut their threshold for drunken driving by nearly half, matching a standard that has substantially reduced highway deaths in other countries. Reporter gets tipsy testing lower drunk driving limit: The NTSB …


Save New Rochelle FOCUS

This video interviews people from all walks of life in New Rochelle and demonstrates why the coalition is needed in this City.  

iphone calcilator

How teens are hiding photos on their Smartphones

Beware of the Calculator on your teen’s phone – it may have another purpose – hiding photos & videos from plain view.

snap chat app

SnapChat – A Sexting App?

This is a video will walk you through this new app which some teens are using for “sexting” “>

apps on iphone

Apps For Dummies

Parents – watch this video for some revealing info on the apps your teen uses and the way they hide their photos & videos

what is love

What is Love?

February is National Teen Dating Violence Awareness & Prevention Month. Listen to teens talk about what they expect out of a relationship.

girls binge drinking

Girls – Binge Drinking – Trouble

Fad•ed (faded) see DRUNK. 1. overcome by alcoholic liquor to the point of losing control of one’s faculties; 2. intoxicated; inebriated; trashed; blotto; loaded – ANT. sober FADED is a 60 minute documentary profiling four young women, ages 14-22, and …

stoned drivers

Stoned Drivers

Stoned Drivers Check out the recent road tests done in the State of Washington while the drivers were high on marijuana

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