Come Tonight for Family University at NRHS -Monday, March 13

January 31st, 2017

images-21Family University – March 13 at NRHS 5:30 to 9:00 pm

Ask anyone’s who has attended in the past – Family University is an amazing evening – and a bargain too!

What is it? An evening of workshops and keynote presentation held at NRHS for parents, high school and middle school students presented by notable speakers on a variety of topics that promote health and safety. New this year: a hot buffet dinner will be provided by Gemelli!

Who is giving the keynote? National speaker Ty Sells, known for his charisma, humor and leadership,  will present Creating Connections That Count. In an interactive and exciting way, participants will learn practical and proven ways to engage and connect with one another.

What kind of workshops can parents choose from?

  1.  The latest trending drugs and how to discuss this tough topic with your teen
  2.  How drug use and mental health are interconnected
  3.  How to talk to your teen about relationships, consent and technology so that they will listen
  4.  How to instill kindness, empathy, grit and problem solving skills in your teen
  5.  Spanish speaking parents can attend a workshop in Spanish on the importance of becoming active in the community to become empowered to fight for justice (there will be translation devices available for the keynote)

What workshops are available for my kids?

Students can choose from topics ranging from  abusive relationships, how to handle police encounters, the power of their words, how to make healthy sexual choices and how to improve their relationship with themselves.

How do I sign up? Pre-registration is now closed, but we have plenty of space and food so please just come to NRHS between 5:30 and 6 to register at the door. See the attached Brochure for detailed information.  The cost is $5/person.


Family University is fully
sponsored by NewYork-Presbyterian, Lawrence Hospital.


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