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March 6th, 2018

Ninth Annual Family University at NRHS

March 28, 2018

6 to 9 PM

For the nominal fee of $5, adults, high school and middle school students will be treated to an educational evening including a hot dinner buffet from Gemelli!

Online Registration at Nrhsptsa


This year we’ve lined up two powerful keynote speakers:

Dr. Stephen Dewey: This is Your Brain on Drugs (Understanding the effects of addictive drugs on the brain)

Dr. Dewey presents a science based program using advanced brain imaging to show the ways in which addictive drugs such as alcohol, marijuana, nicotine (including vaping) and others impact the brain and it’s function. He is an engaging speaker who has shared his research with thousands of students, parents and school professionals. (Some of our high school students will be seeing his presentation during the day).

and Dr. Jess Shatkin: Born to Be Wild (Why teens take risks and how to keep them safe)

Dr. Jess Shatkin will take the information learned from Dr. Dewey, as well as other concerning adolescent behaviors (texting while driving, binge drinking, unprotected sex) to address the real reasons that kids take risks and share new evidence-based strategies for keeping them safe. Dr. Shatkin is a professor of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry and Pediatrics at the NYU School of Medicine and has recently written the highly acclaimed book “Born to Be Wild“.


Keynote: Stephen Hill – Journey to Recovery

Stephen Hill had everything going for him: a loving family, lots of friends and he excelled in school – especially sports. Elevated to play JV sports while in middle school, he was introduced to drugs and alcohol by his older peers. Before long he was addicted to prescription pain relievers and heroin. Middle and high school students will hear this inspiring story of a young man’s struggle with addiction.

High School students can choose from the following workshops:

  1. Teens Helping Teens Grow Their Grit: Learn how to persist with difficult tasks and develop strategies for success.
  2. One Love – Behind the Post: Learn about healthy and unhealthy behaviors, how to help your friends and prevent relationship abuse.
  3. NRPD – Your Allies and How to Work with Them: How to deal with law enforcement in real life situations.
  4. Don’t Freak Out!: How to manage and deal with school and life stress.
  5. Krav Maga: Learn and practice this form of self-defense that anyone can use, regardless of size or strength.

Middle School students can choose from these workshops:

  1. Mindfulness- The 8 Brocades: Learn techniques to reduce stress and anxiety and increase focus.
  2. Healthy Relationships-What’s Not OK: Learn the signs of a healthy dating relationship or friendship.
  3. “Escape the Vape”: Solve clues and puzzles about vaping in this escape room challenge.

See our  FAMILY UNIVERSITY 2018 BROCHURE to see full descriptions of the workshops and keynotes, including speaker backgrounds.


Family University is fully funded by NewYork-Presbyterian Lawrence Hospital.


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