NRHS Prom Tomorrow: Let’s Make it Safe

June 2nd, 2016

Prom-Get-Dressed-Up-Not-Messed-UpIf your child is going to the NRHS prom, review the safety materials distributed with the prom tickets. Take the time to speak with your teen about making wise choices on prom night. Emphasize that you want them to have a wonderful, memorable and safe prom.


  1. Get a complete itinerary for the evening including where they are going before and after the prom, who they will be with and phone numbers where you can contact them.
  2. Arrange specific times for your teen to call you and text a picture of their location (and be sure their cell phone is fully charged before they leave).
  3. Come to a fair decision on a curfew, based on their past level of responsibility. Driving far distances late at night while drowsy can be especially dangerous.
  4. Discuss specific situations that might arise and ways to handle them.  Reinforce your belief in their character and ability to act responsibly.
  5. If your child will be going to another house, contact the parents to ensure there will be an adult present and that alcohol will not be allowed.
  6. Renting hotel rooms or beach houses for post party, unchaperoned celebrations may result in unhealthy or dangerous situations for teens and/or criminal or civil penalties for teens or parents.
  7. Stress that you will pick up your child at any time or place if they want to leave for any reason.

If your teen is being driven in a limousine or party van:

  1. Speak directly to the driver about expectations for an alcohol and drug free ride
  2. Inspect the vehicle including the trunk to make sure it is alcohol and drug free
  3. Share expectations to the driver of no stops to or from the prom
  4. Check passenger’s belongings for unsealed non-alcoholic beverages (which may have been mixed with clear alcohol)

While your child may complain about your concern and vigilance, studies show that young people appreciate when parents set limits out of caring and concern for their safety.

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