We’re Back – Family University 2014

March 7th, 2014

After a one year hiatus, Family University is back in New Rochelle.  New York Presbyterian Hospital is the reason why. After losing our federal funding due to the expiration of  grants, we were unable to hold Family U last year despite repeated requests for it.  This year, we faced a similar situation however, New York Presbyterian stepped up to the plate and graciously underwrote the entire event for this year. THANK YOU NEW YORK PRESBYTERIAN!!!!!!!!

urlTo make sure we don’t disappoint, we have created a wonderful slate of speakers and topics for middle school & high school students as well as parents. As in the past, we are also offering a Spanish speaking workshop for Latino parents.  Our box dinner, which has been okay, will now take a step up as it will be catered by Cosi. The cost for attending is only $5.

And last but not least, we will be having a community keynote for all attendees. The keynote speaker is NYU Professor Dan Lerner who will talk about the Science of Happiness.

No matter what your focus is in life, happiness is a key advantage in the pursuit of success.  Be it in athletic competition, academic or creative domains, business or parenting, the science of positive psychology offers evidence-based and practical strategies for individuals, teams, and families who strive to realize their potential in both their personal and professional lives.  In a fun, dynamic, and informative presentation, Dan Lerner will show listeners of all ages how to integrate positive psychology and performance psychology into their lives so that they can be the best — and happiest — that they can be.

Dan Lerner has long been fascinated with performance excellence and the realization of unique potential.  As a strengths-based performance coach, teacher, and speaker he works with both established and high-potential musicians, athletes, and numerous Fortune 500 companies and executives to leverage the advantage that a healthy psychological state can bring to their performance both at work and at home.

On the faculty at both New York University (where he teaches “The Science of Happiness”) and the University of Pennsylvania (where he works with the graduate program in Applied Positive Psychology), Lerner is currently writing a book about the process and mindset that leads to healthy, uniquely individual excellence.

So mark down this date on your calendar – Monday April 28th at 6:30pm at New Rochelle High School. You will be getting a brochure and registration form in the mail in the upcoming weeks. Be sure to fill it out and return it to the school as the workshops fill up real fast. In the past, we have had over 400 people attend. It’s a great event as it helps parents start “the conversation” which is so important!!

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