NR FOCUS launches its Spring Media Campaigns for Parents & Teens

April 26th, 2012

New Rochelle FOCUS, in conjunction with Safe Schools, Healthy Students, has launched two Spring media campaigns – one for Parents and one for Teens.

PARENT campaign – Be a Parent Not a Friend

The parent campaign  may be familiar to the residents of New Rochelle as it was initially used in the Spring of 2010.  The campaign “Be a Parent Not a Friend” was introduced in New Rochelle to help change the culture surrounding house parties and parental values.  Most teens, when surveyed, say the #1 place they get alcohol is their home and the #1 place they drink alcohol is at other people’s homes.  Some adults believe that drinking alcohol is a “rite of passage”  and allow teens to drink in their homes.

There are several flaws in his reasoning. First and foremost, it is against the law. Second, alcohol has a profound effect on the development of the prefrontal cortex and the hippocampus in a teen’s brain; two critical areas of the brain.  Third, teens who drink alcohol tend to engage in other risky behaviors like unprotected sex and drug use and lastly, teens who use alcohol may be the victim or perpetrator of crimes like “date rape”, assault, theft, criminal mischief/property damage and DWI/ vehicular manslaughter.

Many campaigns focus on the fact that parents may be arrested for hosting an underage drinking party in an effort to deter this behavior and there are laws in this County and State which can be enforced. However, that should not be the reason that parents refrain from hosting these parties or condoning this behavior. Rather it should be because “underage drinking can ruin all the things you want for your child. Health, Happiness, Safety and Success” . That is the message of our campaign.

In addition to the outdoor media campaign (billboards, train kiosks and bus shelters), we will be distributing palmcards through the PTAs,  local merchants and pediatricians which detail the new brain research dealing with alcohol’s effect on the Teenage Brain and will post articles throughout the next two months dealing with the issue of underage drinking. So make sure to check back periodically.

TEEN Campaign – Getting Trashed  #thxbutNOthx

We have also launched a media campaign that we created with New Rochelle youth.  The campaign entitled “Getting Trashed” focuses on house parties and the problems that can arise. The students came up with the concept and wanted to do both a print media campaign as well as a video public service announcement.

The print campaign is simple and straightforward – getting trashed is not the norm.  The use of the hashtag followed by a texting version of Thanks but No Thanks demonstrates that many teens don’t need to drink to have fun.

The video will be filmed this weekend and will be shown at The New Roc City theaters from Memorial Day weekend through July as well as being shown on this website and YouTube. The video will focus on a house party.  Stay tuned for more info …..

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